D-Line Drives

44 E. Ben Franklin Hwy
Birdsboro, PA 19508
Fax: 610-582-6942
E-mail: dlinedrive@aol.com

DC Motors
AC to DC Drives
Used Gear Reducers
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10,000 hp Motor

10,000 HP 715 RPM 
Induction Motor
IN STOCK!                                 5 Years Old!

This motor has had
very little use.

This motor has had
very little use.

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About Us

D-Line Drives is a small company in Southeast Pennsylvania, USA.  We were founded in 1964 to engage in the purchase and resale of large electrical machinery.  Throughout the years, several lines of new equipment were added to the sales effort, and in 1980, a shop was equipped and dedicated to the building of Semi-Conductor Power Supplies.

Our emphasis is on drives from 200 HP to 10,000 HP.

We are small and flexible, therefore, we can offer customizing, early delivery, and usually lower prices than others working in the High Horse Power field.

D-Line Drives Custom Projects - All Engineered and Manufactured by D-Line Drives.

In addition to the above, we can provide Digital Electronics for state of the art projects.